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it's been a long time coming

my shields are breaking down

exposing all the inner sides of me

am I losing my sanity?

or have I re-entered society?

wheres the do or die menatilty?
My whole fabric of being

is unraveling

feels like my soul has returned

after a thousand miles of traveling

Yet cant fully believe in the hope thats inside of me

fear rattles me

will it leave me once again?

in the end all i'm left with is belief

that theres another side of me

I have yet to discover

A hero who strives to accomplish everything

till the angels start to sing

even then hope is the key

for a new me to form

changing my reality

improving my mentality

regaining my sanity

threading my new self until i love myself

when my heart is no longer exposed

but open
A poem i wrote off the top of my head
Listen to my words
Feel their pain
As they slip out of my heart
Entering your ear
What do you have to fear?
My words may be simple
But they hit
Free verse I love it
True poetry
No limits without restrictions
Listen to me as I freely speak
For the first time
Out aloud
But your every thought of me will be torn down
And replaced with a real thought

I’m a starting rookie in his first year
I’m just trying to do right and not submit to the pressure
On a full team with no mentor
No one to show me to follow my dreams
To speak my mind without the fear of repercussions
Instead everyone cowers to the way it is
When as humans make the world as it is
Truthfully we could have the world on its knees
If we so please
No lie I’m afraid to embrace the world
To say what I have to say
In fear to others reacting to my voice
A cruel laughter echoes through my mind
It’s not my fault that I’m failure at speech
Churchill had the same problem as me
It’s a hill I must overcome
Even if I have to duck and dodge bombs
From the critics that want to destroy me because I have a skill
And a dream
That they couldn’t achieve

The kid has something to say
Listen to my voice not look through my appearance
All I want is acceptance
Even if I have to fight for it
Until I’m out of breath
Collapsed in the streets
Gazing at the sky
It’s not how you fall but how you picked yourself up
I have to leave the hate and embrace the love
In order to appreciate this life
To give my words a new emotion
That will hit your heart maybe give you a spark
In order to walk your own path to find your dreams
No matter what it is, you want to truly live
There’s no reason to have to leave your dream
There’s always a way
Never too late to achieve
Go ahead and reach
Remember courage is not being fearless
But acting despite of fear
Forgive me but not forget
Live with no regret
Is how I will live now
I will not bow down
To cowards that didn’t have enough heart to fight for their dreams
I will not be like you
Everything I do from now will to be reach for my dreams
Before its time for me to leave
I swear that I won’t depart until you have heard of me

So shoot for your dreams
Aim for the sky and never falter
Even if living gets harder
Dreams are just around the corner
Waiting for you with warmth
Like being in the arms of a loved one
Put courage before fear
Stand up today even if others sit down
Don’t be like the rest
Don’t aim to be the best
Aim to achieve every single dream
Until you are find true happiness
You will find a way out trust me
Want to be loved?
Want to be famous?
Want to live simply?
You can’t achieve anything if you quiver with fear
Show the world it can’t hold you
Break out of your own mind
Now is the perfect time
Later is just an excuse for the weak
Those afraid to speak
You don’t want to be them
But your future looks bleak
Afraid to be just like them
Don’t be
Hold on to your dreams
If you afraid then you have always lose
You can put it out and win in the later half
Even if others may laugh
Hurl cruelty at you
And it breaches your heart
Don’t throw it back just keep walking
Until they can’t see you anymore
When you’re on the top of your world
And all the hate burns away
When the dreams kept as treasures become reality
Do it today!
Walk your way
You might just see me
On my own path
Letting go everything in order to be a better me
Why don’t you join me?
Let’s change the world and not let it change us in the process
Let’s go now
Hold me in within your arms
bring me comfort and chase away all harm
whisper everything that I mean to you
and all the things you want to do
let your fingers guide themselves through my hair
show me that someone does care
let me know that you are here
hold me tight whispering words of love
that I can never hear enough of
press me against your chest
fall asleep to the sound of your heartbeat relieving my stress
something so true and sweet
as you mutter sweet words to me
never let me go
show me don't tell me
It’s okay
I’m alright
Nothing is wrong

Lies we tell others when we want them to just know
That we are broken inside
And we are one second away from a strange cry
In the end no one cares enough
To pull you away and hold you until the sorrow is gone
The only comfort is the pain that snatches away the feelings deep in our hearts
Buried deep in the scars
That marks the skin, forever encasing our sin
Even till the end
In the shadows of the memories
That truly haunts us until we just can’t take it anymore
The knife meets the vein
The rope snaps around the neck
The ground earns a face
The headlights find their mark
The fire invades the lungs
The water chokes us until it’s over

I can’t pretend that I’m happy
Yet I still tell the lie
They don’t seem to notice
Or they simply don’t care
All the pain is eating me alive
When all I want is to live
They tear everything good away from me
Until my heart is a barren land
Suffocating under the water every day
Trying to take it a day at a time
When every second is a refined torture
That I don’t need
When will they notice me?
When will they see that I am not me?
When will someone see through the lie?
That I spin to the people that call themselves my friend
How can that be when they don’t notice the real me
Can they not see the pain in my eyes?
The tears that escape when I’m out of control
I need help but no one hears my voice
It’s like being strangled without a voice
I can’t breathe unless I chose to lie
I wish to die when I want to live
I don’t want to lie anymore
But no one seems to care
To see through my lie
And gaze into my eyes
To say it’s alright
I’m here
Everyday I'm biting the bullet
one more twist and I'll lose it
feeling so helpless
tears sting your eyes
yet you don't cry
you try and try
to get a feeling out of life
in the end everything you feel is right
is wrong in this modern life
you walk left, society pulls you right
sick of all of it why even try?
when all is left is to die
politics and contradictions run our lives
family decrees and higher education degrees
battle it out
not for me
only to control me
neither want to lose
yet in the end they do
when I chose to do what I want to
even if I fail
its better than being you

Trying to battle demons with a mere pencil with shaky lead
when I have no words left to write, so lost in thought
as if I'm in a standstill in the middle of a battle
can't stop now I can not lose
I don't want to be like the mindless cattle
I see walking the streets, so afraid to follow their dreams that cant even blink
that's not for me, I may have lost my words and feelings momentary
and the world may be scary
I wont quit until I'm on the top of it
screaming I'm the king of the world
without the crash because I wont sink
I'll open as many doors as I can
even if some of them are not within my grand plan
I have my own life to live
I am my own man
I'll run towards my dreams
I have two feet
its about time I stand
and face this repugnant reality
head on, staying forever strong
calm as the sea before the storm
ambitious as a revolutionary
change the world piece by piece by achieving my dreams
without the world changing a bit of me
Nothing is more beautiful and sinful as a woman's body

A work of art
clouded by traps of fabric

A beast takes over me
drowning me in a hunger so deep

An artist I become
as I rip and tear those traps

That bind her
Her sweet murmurs caress my ears

Her hands hungerly search me
for what she truly needs

My hands burn hot
as my hands grab hold of the canvas

I claim every inch of this masterpiece
I had no hand in the design

Yet this artwork is purely mine
The heat swelling inside of me

Rushes through time
waiting for nothing but the positions

She finds what she sought
as she tussles to interconnect it with her spot

Her head rocks back in a sweet sign

Our hips sync
as I cradle her against me

She screams with a horrific delight
the most beautiful sight

as she crumples against me
heavily breathing

she doesn't speak to me

only looks at me
with a sinful smile

Not ready to be trapped again
she reconnects for a artistic night of sin
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