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Take me home
where they don't judge
take me home
where they love
when my eyes
are closed
let my heart be
let the tears fall
for joy
as I'll finally be
in a place I can call
I want to love you slowly
I want to take my time
only with you
the way my hand gently caress your skin
the way you laugh when I grin
when you bite your lip when you are nervous
I want it to last forever
As I am the happiest when I am with you
no matter what we do
All I need is you

Should tonight be my last night?
my life is blinking bye fast
the light bulb above me is dull
the cold's trying to creep upon me
I can feel it slowly consuming me
what am I suppose to do?
every corner I take
I meet a knife trying to end my life
my only comfort is the night
the only time when I'm with the stars
I'm struggling, mentally its hard
psychically I could do better
no student left behind
It's on my mind
all the lies we've heard
said as long as we dreamed
our dreams would sprout wings and take flight
but is that really right?
no one prepared us for this fight
back against the wall
stabbing ourselves deep so we don't fall
bleeding through my hands
I can barely stand
looking through these half empty eyes
all I can see the grime and sickness
of the twisted truths from robotic minds
how are we suppose to live?
Its a new world changing every second
will it crash like the markets?
or flourish like the heavens they speak of
fuck that fold all that back

Instead of hate I'll spread love
me and hate have had enough
its a divorce
don't worry I'll get custody
its taken enough away from me
So I will walk away, today is a new day
Now is the moment the past is all a dream
today I meet the real me
today I will continue to fight for my dream
though I now I can't change the world
and I am not twisted enough to sit back watching it burn
So I can inspire you to change
with every line I write
with every word that hits your heart
tearing all the fake shit apart
so you can see the real you
and do what you have to do
in order to find you life
I wont let you lose the fight
I'm not your parents
I wont tell you its wrong or right
I'm not here to control you
I only want to express my mind
and inspire you

you know life is a puzzle
aren't you sick of shuffling it?
Its not new but you never thought all the pieces would be twisted
so help me help you fix all of it
instead of using this hour as my last night
I'll go above all of it, a phoenix rises now
I won't ever go back down
why don't you join me?
The cold wind drags the inner thoughts of doubt
blowing away all my work to the south
I'm retracing my every word that's come out of my mouth
now I'm in the middle of the street
walking through the shattered glass of the all the lies
I've told everyone around
including myself
There's nowhere to run
must confront every falsity
My greatest fear isn't of death
but a mirror of me
afraid to see what I've been told
afraid to believe what they have taught me
have to erase it all
before I fall
but the first step is so damn hard
my heart has enough scars, so I'm afraid to be hurt
afraid of the darkness that surrounds all of me
just want to be free
just want to be me
but who is that?
so lost in thought I'm losing sight
of what everything really is
looking through all those shards of glass
I see the remnants of my dreams
no longer desire to piece them back together
I'll face everything in order to create better ones
until I find myself
every second of breathing
is like a dull blade scraping through my skin
my mind is erratic with tendencies
of self doubt
leading to mental self inflicted pain
god damn it not this again
a circle around my troubles
has led me back to "go"
all I want is to live
without my tears tearing
without my brain triggering self hate
can't even look at my face
to be toe to toe with the mirror
feel likes I'm facing the reaper
I wonder when it'll come to me
or at least set me free
so I can finally breathe with ease
Nothing is more beautiful and sinful as a woman's body

A work of art
clouded by traps of fabric

A beast takes over me
drowning me in a hunger so deep

An artist I become
as I rip and tear those traps

That bind her
Her sweet murmurs caress my ears

Her hands hungerly search me
for what she truly needs

My hands burn hot
as my hands grab hold of the canvas

I claim every inch of this masterpiece
I had no hand in the design

Yet this artwork is purely mine
The heat swelling inside of me

Rushes through time
waiting for nothing but the positions

She finds what she sought
as she tussles to interconnect it with her spot

Her head rocks back in a sweet sign

Our hips sync
as I cradle her against me

She screams with a horrific delight
the most beautiful sight

as she crumples against me
heavily breathing

she doesn't speak to me

only looks at me
with a sinful smile

Not ready to be trapped again
she reconnects for a artistic night of sin
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